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UHU Klebepistole LT110

Низкотемпературный клеевой пистолет

Есть на складе,
готово к отгрузке

725 грн.



по Киеву:

— На отделение «Новой почты» в Киеве, от 30 грн., отправим послезавтра;

— Адресная доставка «Новая почта» в Киеве, от 30 грн., отправим послезавтра;

— Самовывоз, Киев, бесплатно, можно забрать послезавтра;

по Украине:

— На отделение «Новой почты» в вашем городе, от 30 грн., отправим послезавтра;

— Адресная доставка «Новая почта» по вашему адресу, от 30 грн., отправим послезавтра;


— Предоплата на нашу карту «Приватбанка»

— Предоплата картой Visa или Mastercard;

— Оплата при получении.


— Обмен/возврат товара в течении 14 дней.

Описание UHU Klebepistole LT110

UHU Low-Melt glue gun LT110 is a low temperature glue gun, which operates at 110 °C to minimise the risk of burning. Low melting temperature is ideal for rapid and universal bonding. Low temperature allows for use with Styrofoam®. Only fits for UHU oval- shaped glue sticks. Coloured glue sticks available for creative work. Both guns LT110 and LT110 XL have a mechanical feeder and are ideal for frequent use.


Glues wood, cardboard, metal, many plastics, glass, ceramic, leather, fabric and heat-sensitive materials such as Styrofoam®, soft pvc, pvc-foils and balloons.

Use and Handling Instructions

Connect the glue gun electric cable to electricity socket (110-220 V) and let warm 3-5 minutes. When the gun has warmed up slide a glue stick into the back and push through using the trigger. The glue melts and comes out of the nozzle. Apply hot glue to one of the surfaces, then place the parts together immediately. Temperature of material to which applied should not be less than room temperature. Heat cold materials such as metal and stone before sticking. Always push sticks through completely. Never pull sticks back as this could damage the gun's feeder mechanism.


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